Hai hai, ^_^

Random person here, feel free to read this. ._. Eh so hai….again? Yeah again I said hi at the beggening dur~. This is my very first post!! So I have no idea what to blog about šŸ˜€ fun walking into the blind right? Oh well “You gotta take the first step to get somewhere.”- Someone somewhere sometime

I suppose I’ll explain what you’ll see on this blog.

I’ll be recommending songs, ranging from oldies classical music (like Beethoven and stuff) to Japanese rock XD!!

I’ll also be showcasing beautiful pictures and illustrations that I’ve made and the people around me have made

But I mostly made this blog to share my opinion (like mine is important) and new experiences or findings. (Whatever) with other people, and I would want people to share their opinions and stuff too. There are a bunch of people out there with talent šŸ‘ so id like everyone who reads this help me start out and put suggestions in the comments ^.^


4 thoughts on “EY~!

  1. Well, good luck! ^3^ Well although I think beautiful pictures are beautiful, I’d mostly enjoy some writing c: I love when people use smileys, the expression and personality they give off are something I’ve been missing here on WordPress :3


    1. Thanks for the advice šŸ™‚ I’ll try and see what I can come up with for the blog ^_^ I want to try and satisfy everyone’s interest in different things šŸ˜€


      1. That’s good, that’s good šŸ˜€ I wish I know what people’s interests were so I could do the same cx But all the views I get come from the “home page” so I don’t know what they read and what they don’t x3


  2. A little bit of the same thing for me, but thanks for this now I won’t hesitate to try and reach out to everyone šŸ™‚ ćƒ¾(ļ¼ āŒ’ćƒ¼āŒ’ļ¼ )惎 I really appreciate it!~


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