music and drawings

HeadphonesHi, as I said I’d be sharing some of the stuff I’ve made myself, and to be honest ._. I’m not very proud of this and I believe it sucks T_T but that’s why I’m posting it ^~^ there are a ton of people out there who are capable of amazing works of art compared to that thing up there -.-

I’d appreciate some constructive criticism from anyone who reads this~!

(pretty much setting myself up to Receive a butt load of butt hurt)

anywho since I am a newb/noob I have no idea if links work here 😀 but below should be two links to soundcloud to an amazing song. “Now why would you give us 2 links?” Well I’ll tell you why because one of them is a cover~!! Now this song is originally composed by DECO*27 an amazing Vocaloid Producer! The cover on the other hand is a mix using an UTAU. Listen to any one of the songs below and if you’d like to learn more about Vocaloid or UTAU if you have no idea what those are just message me in the comments and once I see it I’ll respond with a new post about them as soon as I can (such a no life right not ;~;)

Fakery Tale- Hatsune Miku

Fakery Tale- Asane Hana


One thought on “music and drawings

  1. The drawing was pretty good! :3 I can’t draw at all :c
    And yeah, links do work, you can select text and add a link to it on the post editor 😀


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