Daily Life Post

Hi~ I thought I’d like to do a daily life post for everyone reading this~

Today is a story, a story about friends and loss. I love music so maybe you’d like to listen to the song below as you read on…


Gentle- Isaac Shepard

Honey Macadamia is the name we gave her…or him…we never really could tell if the creature was a he or

she. We found Honey on the mossy floor with a broken neck, we were all too late…honey was gone, we’d

only known honey for a few hours, but our respect and love for honey was mutual. Honey was a

hummingbird, a beautiful one. Honey had silver wings, painted with splatters of pink and blue. All of us their

stood their and prayed for honey, knowing that honey was now in a better place. We dug a hole under a tree

me and a friend gently Layed honey upon a leaf. We buried honey then decided to give her/him a proper

buiral. Which was a bed of flowers and leaves gently spread across honey’s grave…and there we all stood in

silence and in peace

xHoneyx May you rest in peace


6 thoughts on “Daily Life Post

      1. then there’s the never give up posts and the anima stuff and other thangs and then I just get tears of sadness…but keep doing what your doing even though I burst in to tears from all the sad thangs you post there still great! 😀


      2. NO NO its okay sometimes I just need to let out you know! I liked the post anyways I thought it was really descriptive and your really good at wrighting so don’t stop ok


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