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I don’t know why, but for some reason I could not stop taking photos of the sky!! It all just looked so beautiful….I have no words at all!!!!! So I’d rather listen to some music again XD

Howl’s moving castle theme- Music Box

I’ve been wondering if I should do some movie reviews and recommendations because honestly I also watch a lot of movies, I’m sort of a movie and music junkie…..yet at the same time I’m an otaku(geek loving anime nerd) and a gaming nerd in general, Ive also wanted to interact with the audience but I’m not sure how to yet. I don’t get many comments but mostly some views 😅 but I’m not too worried…(yet) after all I started this blog only yesterday. Honestly already I feel like I’ve ben talking to myself the entire time ;-; but knowing that some people actually look at my stuff even once is enough for me to keep going ^.^ thank you all my silent viewers (boy I’m sad but I have the strength to keep going ^_^)


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