Daily Photography PLANTS!

Hello~ I am back with more photographs for everyone to enjoy ^.^ I finally got to use my Nikon camera!!! Although, 😅 I’m not really sure how to upload the pictures straight from the camera so all of these pictures are pictures of the pictures I took ._. *sigh* I hope you guys enjoy everything I took today and the music alone with it ^_^~! (PS I took more but unfortunately I can’t showcase them right now due to certain issues, I hope that these pictures are enough, also I am still very much a newb at this and I’d appreciate any feedback or instructions with the camera all I know for sure is that it’s Nikon so I’m not so decisive about the make)





I hope you enjoyed the photos~! Furthermore I’ve updated and made a few pages, and I’m in the process as you read this. Though I’ll have saved drafts of the updates I may not post them today since I’m busy working on my very own original piano composition 🙂 I’ll also be updating the music page soon. Once again if you do not know how to view pages simply look at the top right corner of the screen and click on the three bars button, to get back to the homepage just tap on “Vanimaniac” have a nice day ^_^


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