Happy April Fools~!!!

Plans for Tonight and Tomorrow

Hello~!!! Happy April Fools everybody~!!! For some reason my WordPress Calender in ganked up saying today’s April 2nd when in my time it’s really April 1st (can anyone help me with that?) so I apologize for the posts ._. Anyway I haven’t been able to spam our blog lately with everything I’d promised being busy with School, chores, and some hobbies I have. Now if you’re wondering what that drawing of a girl holding a chess piece up there is for its because Im making a mini comic strip for April Fools >^< I need to illustrate two more scenes before I can post the whole thing. So you can expect it to be up either tonight or tomorrow (you can also expect a majority of the work I said I’d do done by tomorrow) now furthermore if anyone’s wondering what app I use to illustrate I use Sketch Book Pro but if anyone doesn’t want to spend money on the app you can just get Sketch Book in general. Now usually I’d post a link to sound cloud for everyone to listen to but I’m still exploring my playlists to find something I think everyone would enjoy. As for the pages (if any read them) they will be updated tomorrow as well. I’ll be posting some more about today soon, Have a nice day ~ >^<


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