Brief movie review :3

Hello~ look I am really late to watch this film so if you’ve seen it, thenn either read this for your own interest or if you haven’t then let this review lay over your thoughts on whether you’d watch it or not, 🙂

WARNING: This review contains very small spoilers, read at own risk

Into The Woods

image image

This movie is absolutely remarkable, an amazing musical. Now I’ve been hearing that it sucks from people in my age group, (10-18) saying that it was really bad and tremendously boring. Now maybe i was born a few decades late but this was one of my films! If you are a person who absolutely loves Broadway/Theatre this is a great film for you to watch. Meryl Streep portrays a magnificent job playing the role of the witch, who’s entangled herself in many many different stories. Resulting her to be Uh.. How you say misunderstood? Well either way she’s plain out selfish. The transitions from each story is a bit choppy though, you may feel as if you’re being whiplashed back and forth trying to wrap your head around the scenario. Though that feeling only lasts through the first half hour (I beileve) in the movie. Critics rated this film PG although if I had a child Im not sure if I would let them watch this film. There are definitely some parts where parents have to shield their child’s eyes from the screen. This film reminds me a bit of Mary Poppins but uh.. Much more dark and has a more valuable lesson to viewers. I reccommened every parent and child (over the ages of 10) to watch this film so they may grasp the lesson behind this movie. There are also definite random moments in this film which can seem rather odd .-. Like seriously you might have to think about it if you base stuff on logical a lot. Which I don’t so I got through it fine XD Anna Kendrick also does an amazing job at her role of Cinderella. The girl we once saw as a secluded, back-talking, juvenile misfit in Pitch Perfect has transformed into a sweet girl who’s faced love for the first time in her life. *cough the conclusion is surprise cough cough*

🙂 I want to keep this a bit short since I haven’t posted anything in a while ~_~ so maybe in a few hours when I have time I’ll post something again .-. Seeing as I missed some of my daily posts yesterday. I will re write this review when I can giving many more details and credit to the actors and MUCH MORE SPOLIERS XD but this is a small preview of what I’ll be writing in the upcoming MovieJunkie Vanimaniac page. Below will be some music from the OST of Into the Woods.

The Last Midnight


5 thoughts on “Brief movie review :3

    1. Ehhhh it’s very tiny, not much to really give away anything at all X,3 I wanted to keep it short so I didn’t add very much details or credit to the actors


      1. OH HEY ACTUALLY~ if you listen to the music it may give away what happens so if you don’t want to know don’t listen to the song 0_0


      2. But you talked a lot, so it gives the impression that you had to talk about the movie itself somewhere :c


      3. -_- trust me I could’ve said way more but I didn’t want to right a gigantic essay for one post, that’s what I do on my pages also I didnt want to spoil much for people who haven’t seen the movie yet


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