Daily Posts/Poetry

Hello~ for today’s life post I merely have a song, a nice instrumental song 🙂 and I thought I may try my hand at poetry since it’s what the current subject is in my English class and because, well I’ve always wanted to try it 🙂


Nocturne silent, silent

The world is still, the world is quiet.

the memories fade and the heart is tattered,

Nocturne, creeping upon it.

dont leave them behind, so precious, so gentle.

Do you hear it? The piano that sings out solely, soullessly for you,

it wants to feel, but can you let it?

It depends on you, it thrives on emotions

Emotionless is how it ended up, let its tattered soul rest with the piano

It will ring, it will ring, let it ring with the sorrow sorrow and fix its tattered soul

Believe, believe in the new light

let it ring, let it ring

the piano will forever ring, happiness, madness, sadness

the piano will ring, forever nocturne.

Nocturne! Nocturne! Be true and not let Aletheia guide you

Be honest and not evident

be true to yourself and not simply letting the world expose you

the way is in front of you, all you must do is take the first step,

the first step of your journey. Find the light if it cannot be found

Accept, and cherish the light if you can find it, and bring the piano happiness

let it ring, let it ring with the joy you feel, the love Youve always deserved.

Let it ring, Let it ring,


You can lose your way, and think it’s hopeless, you can lose your light, and believe it’s nothhing but old memories, fond memories stripped away from you. Keep searching, keep believing, find your light and the joy and love EVERYONE rightfully deserves. Never believe that there are things in life that are better than you, things that aren’t worthy of you, because somewhere someone believes you are worthy of those things, anything you are willing to fight for, anything you love or want, you may rightfully deserve. 

Hi again~ look this is honestly my first time writing a lengthy poem like that and frankly i am more than sure that there are many many many mistakes in my writing ;-; also about the scripture I wrote down above, I just wanted to make sure that PEOPLE DONT TAKE THIS OVERBOARD. I’m sorry if I killed the mood but there are seriously some people out there (you know who you are) who will take that in the wrong context, and use that advice selfishly. EX: like maybe they want and love money so “OH IM GONNA ROB A BANK :D” =_= Nope, nope not right.  EX#2: I love this person, but they’re married, but I love her so she should be mine so “Oh I should just kidnap her.” Nope, WRONG. .-. Look please be logical people who read this I am sure most of you know how to take this info. I’m really sorry but there are nuts out there…….(no offense nutty people) Further more by next week I will update all pages with probably double or triple reviews and recommendations than I usually do. 🙂 Have a nice day everybody~


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