Another Life post

~ Hey guys, I didn’t post anything yesterday at all, so I thought “Heck, why not?” After I posted about Vocaloid (which I haven’t listened to in a while) I just had to post another amazing song to share with you all, English translation will be down below (sorry I don’t have it in romaji this time 😦 )If you don’t like the song don’t worry about it, I understand 🙂 You could just read the lyrics themselves or skip down below.  :3 Enjoy~!

Time Distortion-Gumi Megpoid

Darker, darker, falling into darkness
With an insincere smile
Throwing sharp words
Such heavy feelings cut through me
Deeper and deeper they pierce into me
Coloring, coloring the sea of my heart
Everything I’m losing
seems to be a puzzle thrust before me
with no guarantee that every piece is there
Strongly, so strongly, I hold on to
the pieces to the map of the future
Today, I’ll strike open the door once again
The other side of the broken door is still the same world as before
Again and again, this infinite loop returns me back here
I’m still diving deeper into the endless endings I’ve found
And with the same face as before, say goodbye
Colder, and colder, my heart
shatters into more tiny pieces
I have forgotten who I am
Again, and again, I reject time
What was it that I hoped for?
This jarring noise won’t disappear fast enough
I lack the strength to speak with any different words
As my tears fall just like before
I’m unable to find a solution for these unwanted memories
That continue to stab through my chest
After this world was not able to reach my distant expectations
It faithfully returns me back to fate
After receiving so many punishments, without even hesitating once
I end up in this same place crying again
You grabbed my broken heart and once again deeply pierced me
My overwhelming feelings and pain are a sign of determination
All these maps that I’ve amassed still aren’t enough
They faithfully return me back to fate
This powerless boy, without hesitating even once
Will take a deep breath
And will open the next broken door

Everyone has moments where they all feel helpless, they dig themselves down a hole that they believe is hundreds and thousands of feet deep that they can’t even see the light….but in reality the hole is only a figment of their imagination and only but a few inches deeps, like a shallow puddle. Helplessness isn’t something that should be frowned upon, it just means that you can’t be alone and that you must open up. No one is alone. Everyone is willing to listen, it all depends on the ignorance of the listener, but please, remember that you cannot live your life alone because life wasn’t meant to be spent all alone secluded from the ones you love and the ones you want to reach.


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