Hai hai ^_^~! Another life post coming you way. .-. I’ve been posting a lot of Japanese stuff lately .-. And whenever I get into it I just want to post more and more about anime and vocaloid =_= which frankly I don’t want to spam on this blog. *sigh* but Vocaloid has many meaningful and beautiful songs, so to be honest I don’t think I can avoid it XD I also keep forgetting to do my daily photography~ *sigh* anyway I’ll update the pages either today or tomorrow…..or sometimes next week……I don’t know Ill probably do it a few times a day~ anyway since I got into the mood of posting a bunch of anime and Vocaloid related stuff I hope you all will bear with me here XD I think I’ll post a few more to get it out of my system 🙂 the next posts after the following should be poetry or photography, maybe some food and stuff i don’t know, just be looking forward to a few more Anime and Vocaloid posts, and after that some Poetry and Photos ^.^ Now for today’s life post~! I have 3 links (of the same song =_=) you have no idea how hard it was to find a Vocaloid version of this song, and frankly =_= THEY HAD NONE. Instead they had Utaite singing them instead. (Utaite are people who sing AMAZING covers of Vocaloid songs) anyway I cannot read Japanese (sadly) so I have no idea who these Utaite people are. If you can read Japanese please let me know their names~~ oh and also one of the links is the English cover. I sadly 😭😭 have no lyrics for this song 😦 but if you’d want to know what they’re singing then simply listen to the English cover, the daily quote/story will be down below right after the links.

Distant Fields- Utaite cover (Guy)

Distant Fields- Utaite cover (girl)

Distant Fields- English Cover

Never give up on the ones you love, and never give up on yourself. As the countless days pass by Always make them count, your strength will carry you on. Someone out there loves you, so reach out to them. Reach out and live life fully. Your days may seem bleak, they may seem pointless. Life was never a promise to happiness, and people will bring you down. What do you do? The answers that simple. Don’t let it. Your days matter, the memories you carry are precious wishes that no one but you can make reality.


8 thoughts on “Life~!

      1. Isn’t that what a blog is? :O I mean, I’ve been waiting for you to talk about, you know, something c: But you haven’t o:


      2. Alright, but Bruh…………don’t say I didn’t warn you, my thoughts go against public eye and can depress people, like seriously .-. I don’t think anyone sensitive to “Life Affairs” or “Economy” should be listening in to what I have to say because frankly to them it could be a butt load of BS


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