It turns out people made plans for me without even letting me know about it =_= so uh I’m being forced to go outside and work some more after an already very stressful week =_= I now have no idea when I’ll be able to post because final tests for math are next week and I’m going to have to work my butt off. I’m leaving in a few hours and (it’s still morning here) most likely won’t be back until very late at night ~_~ so “Yaaaaaaay” Everyone has those days when they just wanna sit back, lie down, and be lazy ;-; this is one of those days but even tomorrow it seems like they’ve planned more stuff for me to do that I haven’t even agreed on~ *sighhhhhhh*  Wish me luck ^~^ For now I’ve got a song but I can’t really write anything lengthy right now, sorry.

Nobody Dies in Dreamland


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