I know I said I would post more stuff after my life thing, but immediately after I posted it something unexpected came up !!! Like literally, I spent like 6 hours outside (IMA hermit some times) and now I have no clue if I have time to post more ;-; in fact I gotta go like right now~ I’ll post if I can~~~ ;-; I’m sorry I don’t even have a song for youuuuu but please please let me know if there’s anything- Anything at all that you would specifically like to see on this blog. I try to reach a wide audience so I keep most of my posts vague, but if you’d like to see something specifically I won’t hesitate at all to please you. ^_^ all of you have amazing ideas, let’s all come together and help each other thrive~!!!!


Someone explain to me how to create a blog roll ._.


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