Ways of the world part 1

The world, it has many ways. So many undescribeable things happening in everyone’s lives. Joy, grief, depression, excitement, giddiness, laughter.

Snow Waltz

WARNING: Very Much Abusive language, This may tarnish my image, my thought process is a bit disturbing, I have a feeling this won’t get many likes, not for people who are sensitive

Ways of the world part 1

Argument: Discrimination

Discrimination, the holy grail. This is something that everyone has or will go through. Why does the world have such a horrible thing? Simple cause we are fucking stupid and egoistic. Seriously for fucks sake no one can go on through out their day without at least hearing one single fucking offending thing! It goes against everyone’s boundaries and people let it! Even I let it! None of us realize it, but shit like discrimination comes into our lives so easily. It could be as simple as fucking looking at someone and thinking they’re ugly. It could be simple as going against another’s opinion, it could be racism, it could be even your parents~! Hell it might as well be your parents, they can sit on the family throne as if it’s the most important thing in the world to be in charge of you. Hell little kids get discriminated! They don’t even know it! Discrimination can have a pleasant feeling, as if someone’s joking around. Yeah just joke my ass, literally.  People are getting mentally abused without even knowing it. Even I do it! Can I stop myself?! No! You try thinking the same as everyone else. My argument here? We need discrimination, yes it’s mostly an un-pleasent thing sometimes, but is it really? Without it, well frankly way worse shit would happen. Trust me I hate the idea just as much as it sounds but I face reality here. If you disagree with my opinion and objectify against it so, depending on the way you’re thinking- hell to that you’re also discriminating. People have gotten so used to discrimination it’s as practical as breathing, Everyone is equal my ass. Sorry to be a fucking party pooper but discrimination will not be abolished. It cannot be abolished, sins of man have been dirtied to over the max. I highly doubt it could ever be abolished. People often turn their eyes away from the reality and fail to notice the many many subtle discrimination points. For example, I’m Asian, what kind of friends do you think I have? (No seriously I want you to type that out in the comments) I have a wide range of friends, Latin American, African American, White, Asian~! You name it. I have friends who get into trouble, I have friends who don’t do shit and play it safe their entire life! I have friends in the middle of the line. I have friends who have wild parties and get involved into shit that they aren’t even old enough to get into. I know kids who are 9 and already cuss the shit out of everyone. Heck now a days whenever teens here little kids cuss they either laugh at it or brush it off like its nothing! Now normally people would think a person who’s asian is normally well, inteligent and well focused. ENGH WRONG NOT ME. Now of course there are many exceptions but people can’t just go jumping to conclusions like that. I mean it’s just as racist to be offering crackers to a white person or saying something about watermelons then making an African American joke afterwards! Even so people seem happy with discrimination within our social life! I think we need discrimination to set a line between our worlds, to be honest it keeps us safe. Think about it, our parents abuse their power against us sometimes and the choices they make for us end up in their favor. In the end we’re thankful. Look I’m a scatter brain and I got off topic like a lot, but I think you can reach my general point here. All I wanna know is if you agree or not. Can discrimination be abolished? Can’t it? Do we need it in our lives? Let me know what you all think.


10 thoughts on “Ways of the world part 1

  1. This Snow Waltz is so melancholy…

    As for your question, then my answer is no… “Discrimination” is as natural as we live and breathe. Discrimination is just a negative side of Differentiation, or unreasonable Differentiation.

    Try to imagine that everything in the world becomes one with each other and there is no difference. The result should be a pure being, but because of that pureness, it is just a pure nothing. No joy, sorrow, happiness, sadness, or anything… It would be impossible and pointless.

    Differentiation as a whole, cannot be destroyed. But a particular Differentiation can be removed. When a Differentiation become a Discrimination, unreasonable and unjust, then eventually, people will realize that Discrimination should not exist.

    Time can create and destroy everything…

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  2. yeah I get it I know what happens. almost every single day im being cursed out on social media because some people are retarded an don’t understand catholic names. I have to deal with stuff like: YOUR NOT !@#$!@# JESUS YOU !@#$%!!! but don’t be sorry I agreed with everything you said and you spoke the truth about society today


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