~Bye bye guys~

Hello~ I am happy to inform you I am deleting……………my first blog ^.^ lol, some of you may not know this but this is actually my second blog, I didn’t really like the theme or name of my first blog so I posted absolutely nothing on it XD and I made this one instead~ Anyway I do have some followers who follow this blog and the other so I just wanna give a heads up to those people that if you randomly find the link to that site once again, it will not be there~ Furthermore I think I have a few minutes or hours of free time XD so I’ll probably be spamming, I got done earlier with some chores than I thought it’d actually take. Anyway Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah old blog blah blah new blog blah blah ; I never really got to spam this place about Japanese stuff yet so you could expect that to come up, ~_~ also I missed like 2-3 daily life posts ~_~ *SIGHHHHH* you could expect some knowledge nuggets being thrown your way soon~ have a nice day everyone I’ll be posting soon~

unless I get distracted again and explore other blogs……… Pffffff what- I didn’t read anything, I have no idea at all what you are talking about my friend.


7 thoughts on “~Bye bye guys~

    1. Lol, Its good because when I started following this blog and when you started following mine, the notification said ‘follow’, and I was like 😕


      1. XD yeah I just wanted to remind some people about it just in case, I have some followers on that blog too who don’t follow this one and I’m just like 0_o????


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