I need advice….

For anyone who’s gone through middle school and above……… ;-; I need academic advice here~!!!! T_T for some reason the counslers couldn’t find my stats for the past years so I have no idea at all like AT ALL what my credits are =_= so yeah, that’s totally preparing me for college. Anyway my electives, I’ve been told that if I wasn’t to take Biology I would recover two electives, which sounds cool right? Though, my academics are more important than an elective that I could try again in a few years. So for now I thought taking Filipino 1-2 as my language course would be the best way to go. So I did that. The part I need help with is the future, (I like to think ahead of time) the career I want to excel to is within the margins of Multimedia Production. So most of my electives….heck 4/5 of the electives I chose were circling around computer engineering and multimedia classes ~_~ but I just now realized that I’d have to take language for another 2 years (stupid of me to forget,right?)  In the past though I’ve taken Spanish 1-2 and passed the course. .-. Does that transfer onto my language credits? I mean, I’m switching my language course to Filipino, so…….? I’m asking here because someone out there in the world should have decent advice, and also because the counslers were pretty vague…..about college/university requirements. So someone out there ples tell me ;-;

Finding Neverland

Furthermore re as I said in a previous post I have my hands full for a few weeks, so I may not update the pages like I said I would…….instead I may be just posting once or twice a day rather than the spam you may get every few hours XD~ have a nice day everyone


44 thoughts on “I need advice….

  1. I don’t know how to help. I don’t really have any criets right now (I think ) cuz I am only in 6 grade…. Sorry…


  2. Well I can’t say I know what counslers (I guess you meant counselors) or school credits are, so I can’t help you D:


      1. then you need to go up to that principle and scream at for having those lousy counselors and demand to know those credits. and if he calls a meeting. at the mmeting when they ask you how your doing you are going to saw this…… “im fit as a damn fiddle” show confidence!


      2. Okay okay going up to a stranger and saying that I just sh¡t myself and I need them to help me wipe it off. I can do that. I just can’t do THAT .-. I’ll get my credits soon……I think


      3. lol you know what I just realized I have the most lonf comment chains with you and I send more time on other blogs then on mine


      4. yeah I should be doing blog Sunday right now but im on hear well actually I should finish my essay. well I gotta go ill make sure to check out that geek post later bye 🙂


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