Hello~ as I said I’d be posting about Japanese stuffs~ Let’s start with basic background knowledge. Well basically In the ‘Anime’ realm I am what is known as an otaku/weeaboo or just a weeb for short. What’s the difference between “Oh I like anime.” To “Otaku” to “Weeb”

This is.



{I am a fine balance between all 3}

Okey, now that’s out of the way let me introduce to you *^* UTAITE~

If you’ve seen my earlier posts you may have an idea to what exactly an Utaite is but I wasn’t really satisfied with that explanation myself, now before you go any further I recommended looking for my Vocaloid Intro post so you could get a better grasp of what I’m talking about, just go to the homepage and scroll right to find previous posts, if necessary there should be an arrow button to look at more of my previous posts~

Now Vocaloid~! The most amazing style of music that (in my opinion) is just flat out FANTABULOUS like seriously those computer’s voice banks sound (excuse my French) Dip shit real. How does Vocaloid tie into Utaite~? Well I’m not exactly sure what a niconico video is but I am sure that it’s a website where otakus watch multiple Vocaloid works~ ❤ which is where Utaite plays in, Utaite are real people who actually sing Vocaloid songs, frankly most of them are absolutely hands down amazing like I swear they are AMAZE BALLS. Now I’m gonna introduce to you the most amazing Utaite (in my opinion) there are.




Amatsuki! (天月)


Reol!  (She’s a she btw)


These Utaite are absolutely amazing and I will now spam like 3-4 songs by them below, some will be duets. *MAJOR CRINGE* UGH. SO GOOD. JUST SO GOOD. (Btw I may be posting the lyrics to each song in a different post, if you’d want me to do so just let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to) Also I’ll be posting more music since I can only post few links at a time or else it’ll start glitching out on my own device. (Btw these are just their online avatars, not many people know how UTAITE look in real life)

Amatsuki- Abstract Nonsense (orig. Vocaloid Rin Kagamine)

Reol & Kradness- Childish War (Vocaloid Rin & Len Kagamine)

Kradness & Amatsuki- Yobanashi Deceive (orig. Vocaloid IA)


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