Clasimation; Emily Part 1

I just got sooo much into Clasimation I just had to write another one. This is about a girl named Emily and her feline companion Snowball

Morning Again- Ilya Beshevil

Emily, the little girl

Setting: Old Wooden house in the winter woods

I woke up. The sheets of my bed were cold and bitter yet underneath was warm. I pulled the warm side of the sheets near me and smothered my face in them. I lay there, staring at my messy, ragged blonde hair. Snowball leaped onto the bed and sat atop my face. His black fur so soft and thick, it was comforting. Getting suffocated I mumbled.

“You’re choking me down here snow.”

He yawned and stood up. As I lifted myself off the bed he jumped down and slipped out the crack of the door. The wood oak floor tickled my toes, greeting them a good morning. I looked over myself in the mirror. Brushing my short hair until I looked somewhat presentable. I skipped out of my nightgown and wore my usual clothes. A red sweater, black leggings, a red hat, and laced boots. I’ve lived alone with snowball over half my life. My parents left me one rainy night when I was just a babe. I don’t remember how old I was but what I do remember is their lips gently kissing my forehead. Saying “It’ll be alright.”

The next day they never came home. Snowball here has been taking care of me ever since. I walked down stairs and fixed myself pancakes. I’d been working a bit in the city to earn money to keep me and snow through winter days. I’d attend school probably a few days a week. My instructors would always tell me I was a bright girl. Though behind my back they’d say it was a shame that I hadn’t come to school everyday, and they’d curse out my parents for making me work out in the city. They didn’t know, no one knew. I kept it secret for years. I’d taught myself how to do everything on my own. I had no worries about living on my own. In reality I wasn’t on my own, snowball was with me, and it was time for our stroll. As I set the plates in the sink for me to wash later, I re-laced my boots and headed for the door. Snowball, waiting for me.
“You’re a patient one, you know that don’t ya?” Snowball meowed in response, and scracthed restlessly at the door. I chuckled and let him out. As I stepped outside I could feel Jack Frost nipping at my nose. It felt funny, but pleasant as always. I’d look across the sea of endless white frosting every morning. Home


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