Clasimation; Emily Pt. 2

Hello, before moving on to reading the clasimation post I recommend reading, Clasimation; Emily Part 1 if you’ve read it already then go ahead and read Part 2~! 🙂

The Shallows 

Setting: Winter woods


I trotted down the cold, snow covered steps of the porch. I lunged forward to skip a few steps. Snow was calling out to me, his amber eyes looking lively as always. I skipped over to him, and we ventured into the woods. It was an amazing sight to see, amazing. Snowball was never cold at all, he’d gotten used to it. He was born in the cold as was I. It only came natural for us to embrace it. I stared at each foot print I made, and as I walked forward I’d always look back. Twisting and turning to create different tracks with my ridged boots. Spinning and spinning around. Snowball and I kept strolling until we came upon a fallen tree. I always loved nature, to see such a sight as a fallen tree nearly broke my heart. I ran my fingers along the bark of the tree, as Snowball pounced on it examining it throughly. I sighed, how sad. My legs were a bit tired, so I sat down. Leaning against the fallen tree. Snowball went ahead and lay across my lap. I looked up, only to see a spectacle of bright, white, beautiful light. I smiled and the cold embraced me. I picked myself up, holding Snowball in my arms and gently kissing his forehead. It was time to continue on the path. Snow and I worked our way over the tree and continued our stroll. Further, further. We strolled into the woods, and so we came upon a magnificent oak tree, it’s branches and leaves all covered in snow.


I gently whispered. He stopped ahead of me and tilted his head.

“Why am I un-wanted?”

My eyes started to water. Why’d I think of that all of a sudden? Snow’s eyes became fierce, and he hissed at me. It only made the lump in my throat worse, and I began to sob. Snow did nothing but watch that time.

“Why!? Where did they go!?”

I yelled. I wanted an answer, the last thing I remember of my parents were them kissing me. So they must’ve loved me right!? They must’ve! So why? Why am I so unsure!? Why!? Why’d they leave me? I fell to my knees in front of the oak tree. I couldn’t stop myself. Snow…….snow……such an ironic name for a creature with pitch black fur.

“Snow?” He raised his head.

“Sn..ow..?” His eyes became much more gentle, and he let out a meow, and came closer to me.

“What a wreck I’ve become, hm?”

I said whimpering, as I wiped away my tears. The wind let out an enormous howl. A bitter cold one. I fixated my eyes onto Snowball. “Let’s go home now…….home.”


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