Introducing: Vocaloid VY1V4 MIZKI

Hello~ making a quick post. I’d like to introduce a new Vocaloid to everyone, her name is VY1V4 MIZKI and frankly she is absolutely amazing. The only thing that pisses me off about her is that, well =_= I HAVE NO IDEA IF SHE HAS A CHARACTER/AVATAR so basically she may just be a Computer Voice Bank .-. Which sucks cause I like character designs, anyway let me introduce her cover of ERROR originally sung by Hatsune, Miku ^_^ enjoy~! English Translations will be below~! For a little treat I’ll add in another quote ^.^

ERROR (VY1V4 cover)

Can you see it? The tears in my eye

I’m blurred by the colors of life

What did you leave me?

Ask me – I’ll collapse

Blue, red, and white are mixing

I’m shouting from this world

What was I wishing for?

I was tired from chasing after it

How much?

Am I broken?
I’m broken
But I still want to breathe
Can you see it?
Like my dreams,
Finals words are stuck ERORR

That far day
The faint light is overflowing from the sky
What did you arrange and select?
Color of tears overlap

That floating body
Melts in the consciousness
What did you see and compare?
I’m sad so I forget

How much?

Am I distorted?
I’m distorted
But I still want to breathe
I’m dreaming
The stuck final words
For you who I’m thinking of Erorr

Giving, forgetting, being here – can’t you do that?
This crazy [*****]
Again, I laugh and kill [*****]

Are you breaking me?
Do you know what destruction is?
Even so, my tears hurt
Did it reach you?
To the singing voice
I lay out my final words
But the overlapping colors are blurred

Broken some people may be, but what ever is broken, can be fixed. Live and fix yourself, make it all worth while.


31 thoughts on “Introducing: Vocaloid VY1V4 MIZKI

      1. I’ve done origami, I’m just not that good at it XD the only thing I really know how to make are fortune tellers and air planes (my air planes suck)


      1. Engghhhhh T_T I’m writing SHEEZUS (lol sorry you caught me in the middle of a good book I don’t mean to be rude or anything man XD fun mini-rage right now tho)


      1. yeah I know but like you know its hard to keep up with the lyrics you know. um bruh? is that the new bro thing, Or is it like slang. (oh god im 12 a teenager in two months and still cant figure out how kids talk these days geez)


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