Random Poetics

Hi~ I haven’t done any poetry at all in a while and I’m still really bad at it, but hey practice makes perfect right? Anyway here’s a short poem (you’ll finish it before the music ends) written by me, inspired by the beautiful soundtrack of Disney’s Paperman

The caressing, bitter wind wraps around me

As a mother caresses her child.

The distinguishing scent of the sea is nothing but simple bliss to me

As I take in each breath of the beautiful concoction

that the scent of sea and the bitterness wind has made up for me

not for me but for all.

I feel little grains of sand between my feet.

So small so gentle.

The sea, yes the sea

It is my home, and my home is sea.

Join me please, and hear the song

the beautiful song, the song of the seas

The paper an is absolutely nothing like this poem, but it is a beautiful short film so I reccomened everyone to watch it 🙂


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