Brief Movie Review: The Book Theif

Hello~ I will honestly try my best to not give any spoilers at all ;-; also I have no idea who the actors are because frankly I’m writing this during the end credits so I don’t have much time to look XD anyway a link to a beautiful mini sound track in the movies sound track will be below, feel free to listen as you read πŸ™‚


If you are a person who has an insationable lust for history or literature. THIS IS AN AMAZING MOVIE. 10/10 ABSOLUTELEY ASTONOSHING. If you’re an easy crier heck this’ll be a tear jerker. My god I can’t even explain my love for this movie. It may be my new favorite.


The movie closes in on a train where a girl whom apparently the personification of ‘death’Β has taken quite an interest to. This girl, Liesel. Her mother was a communist and if you hadn’t known, communists were looked down upon largely by Germans during world war 2, which is exactly what they were running from, the Fueher otherwise known as Adolf Hitler. Communists were somewhat of an enemy to the Germans believing that they’re enemies of theirs. For those who don’t know, a communist is…..I’m not exactly sure how to explain it without jumbling up my words so look it up (sorry) Β Liesel had to be split apart from her mother for her own good, and had been put into care of Hans and Rosa Hanbeurger (I think that’s how you spell it) of which the street where they lived (ironically named heaven) in which many occurrences of events happen, this movie is sure to deeply inspire you and I believe children who have a the capability to understand situations such as World war 2 and discrimination should watch this film, it is just absolutely fantastic.


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      1. OHHHHH πŸ˜€ yay, your game looks cool btw, I don’t suppose it’s on any Apple products? I skimmed through and I saw info about JavaScript and Chrome, otherwise a game like that I believe I would enjoy

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