Clasimation; Emily Pt. 3

Hello~ I have finally finished Enily’s Clasimation story part 3 ^_^! If you have not read the previous Clasimation stories about Emily I highly recommended you do so and you’ll be able to find it be scrolling either left or right and pressing the little arrow button unltil you see it^_^ for those who’ve read my Clasimation posts before feel free to move on to reading Emily Pt. 3

Setting: Inside a blue wooden house
Sunday. A few weeks had past since my visit to the oak tree, I was immensely busy with everything I had to do at school and work. Snowball would always stay up late for me, see I do odd jobs. From in home services to finding lost pets. Anything at all. Everyone in the city knew me, and I knew them. The city folks were nice people, they could be stingy but nice. It never really bothered me at all when they’d forget to say please or thank you, I mean, they had their own problems to worry about too. So I didn’t mind, but recently the local paper’s news boys had started a strike, and they contacted me wondering if I could get the job done. I didn’t mind, and they offered me double as much as the jobs I’d been taking at that moment offered me. It seems they’ve taken notice to the reputation I had around the city. It was late at night, or rather extremely early in the morning. I trudged through the relentless bitter snow, the freezing cold wrapped my legs, it was as if my legs had been cut off. They were numb and sore, and that was all I could feel. Paper by paper, house by house. I looked on, I had to survive, I had to because one day maybe mother and father would come back, and they’d love me once more……………

I woke up on my bed, Snowball next to me. I could barely stand up. My entire body ached with pain, but I had to do chores, what other choice would I have? I couldn’t just stock up the chores until spring cleaning’d come. I stood on the edge of my bed, breathing heavily, my head was a bit hazy but I knew I could do it. I limped across the bedroom and slowly forced my legs to walk down stairs. Each step resounded the searing pain I’d gone through, but it was enough, it was enough. I could get through it, especially with Snowball at my side. As I made my way to the kitchen I could barely walk straight, perhaps I did need to rest a bit?I took refuge in a small wooden rocking chair with pillows padded to the seat…. I could just be a workaholic the moment I wake up…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
My eyelids were still sagging, but I awoke. Only to see Snowball laying on my lap, I smiled gently. Time to get work.

First was the dishes, I was absolutely exhausted last night that I don’t even remember myself eating! None the less washing the dishes! It was only a few plates, scrap less. Which must’ve meant I’d been up extremely late that night. See the longer I stay awake the bigger my appetite gets for some reason.

Next was the laundry, it had started piling up as my work for odd jobs had started piling up, it was good though. I had enough money to pay the water bills. Mr. Crocket my banker, didn’t care that I lived alone. He only cared that all taxes were payed on time and he got a little bit of the share, we did this in exchange for the secret that my parents had been gone for years. I’d known him for years, and he’s the only one who knows about Mama and Papa, he’s not a mean man. He’s not a nice man either. Deals are deals though. So I have to work harder and get my chores done before he comes to collect the money.

Now was the Money. I was rewarded handsomely from my paper routes, and the odd jobs I’d done had even got me a little something to save for myself than I usually have. It was almost time until Mr. Crocket came, and so I had to calculate carefully but swiftly.
*knock knock knock* ….
“Here already!?” I mumbled, opening the door I faced him.
“Good day, Mr. Crocket.”
“And to you little girl.”
“Please, come in. I’m not done with the taxes yet but I can assure you I have enough money for the bank.”
“And for me?”
“Yes sir, for you as well.” He smiled gently and placed his hat on the coat rack. After a few hours of tea and math, he was on his way back to the bank. It’d be a few months until I’d see him again. Meanwhile, I sighed. Not wanting to return to the list of chores I’d have to do for the day, but I worked, and I worked. Perfecting the place. For the day they came home, and for the day where I’d be able to leave this place and find them if they hadn’t come for me…..and so I worked…and worked….and worked through out the day…….


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