Anyone who likes anime, I am pretty sure you’ll like or do like Vocaloid ^_^ if anyone’s seen my Utaite intro post then you’ll see one of the same songs here. Except this has lyrics 🙂 Romaji and English ^.^ I also have the original Vocaloid song and not just the Utaite cover, after the lyrics I’d like to share with all of you what the story is behind this song 😁😁 yup that’s right this song has a story~!!!!! Anyways, Enjoy~! (English Translations will be below the Romaji lyrics)

Yobanashi Deceive (Vocaloid IA)

Yobanashi Decieve(Utaite Kradness and Amatsuki/天月)

Romaji (First Paragraph is Intro, Lyrics start at 2nd Paragraph, Last Paragraph is the conclusion)

“Uso o tsuku no wa tokui nanda”

“Demo, honne wa sukoshi nigate de sa”

“Okashii ne, itsudatte sa”

“Hontou no hanashi ga, ichiban uso kusai n da yo”

Bibappu na fuyuu-kan yoru ga shidai ni ranhanshashite

Tsuubiito de hikatte tama ni wa guchichatte ii ka na

Nee, chotto hanasou ka baka na jishou shoushou nan dakedo,

Mou nanka osamaranai netabanashi datte tei de hitotsu dou?

Jaa, chotto shaberou ka. Boku no hibon de ite myou na toko

Heibon o yosotta boku ga zutto nayandeiru koto

Juunen wa tachisou na aru hi, “kaibutsu” no koe ga shite

Shinzou o nomikonda “Uso o tsuki tsuzukero” tte sa

Sore irai, boku wa usotsuki de

Damasenai hito ya mono mo nakunatte

“Kaibutsu” ni narihatechatte sa
…Aa, gomen ne nakanaide! Zenbu horabanashi da yo?

OOMAIDAATI! Nante shuutai! Boku wa gomakasu

Nante ittatte kono honshin wa bukimi janai?

Itsuwatte soppo muite uso o kasanate

Boku wa kyou mo mata tsurezure aza warau

BIBAPPU, kiesou na yoru ga kirai sou na shoujo ni mo

TSUUBIITO, nakisou na uso ga kirai na seishounen ni mo

Sou, mou onaji you ni chachi na “risou” ga INPUTTO shite

Shinzou o nomikonda sore irai kizuitanda
Bokura wa tanjun ni risou kanatta toshite

Hitoribocchi ja kono you wa ikiteikenai

Sore mo uso? Iya iya, honshin da yo?

Kuzuresou na nou ga “NO” de michimichiteiku
OOMAIDAATI! Motto kiite! Boku no kokoro o

Wagamama o kono uso o honmono o

“Sabishii yo” nante itta boku wa kawaranai

Niyakesou na hodo, tsunezune akireteru

OOMAIDAATI! Mou kirai da! Hora kikasete yo

Akirechau you na boku nante mou sukuenai?

“Mondai nai ze” nante itte kimi wa kawaranai

“Aa, MISU chatta”

Mata bukimi na boku ni, tsunezune oboreteiku

“Aa, chotto shaberi sugi chatta ne”

“Maa, tada no “horabanashi” dakara sa”

“Sore ja kyou wa kono hen de”

“Tsugi ni aizu ga natta toki wa”

“Motto fushigi na hanashi o suru yo”

 ENGLISH TRANSLATION (note above are the same with the English translation) (Unofficial Translation)

“Lying is my forte, you know?”

“But I’m not so good at being honest…”

“It’s kinda funny, actually…”

“My truest tales sound the most false!”

A floating, bebop sensation, as the night diffuses my reflection

Shining with the two-beat – I guess I can complain sometimes, huh?

Hey, can I talk for a bit? It’s about some stupid, hurtful habits,

But I can’t keep still anymore – it’s just a short tale; you up for one?

Well, I guess I’ll get talking.

There’s something unique, unusual about me;

I’ve disguised it as common, but it’s always troubled me

One day – feels about ten years ago – a “monster” spoke to me,

Gulped down my heart, and said “Keep on lying!”

Since then, I’ve been a true liar,

Nothing and no one I couldn’t fool I guess I’ve been reduced to a “monster”… …

Hey, sorry! Don’t cry, now! It’s all just a tall tale, okay?

Oh my, dirty! So disgraceful! I falsify it all;

So I say – but doesn’t this truth seem a little uncanny?

I’m deceiving, turn the other way as the lies pile on;

Once again, I sneer at the tedium…

Bebop – could vanish any moment, a girl who seems to hate night;

Two-beat – could cry in a second, a youth who hates lies

Yes, much the same way, they had input their petty “ideals,”

And their hearts were gulped, and afterward, they noticed…

We simply had our wishes granted,

So there’s no way we can live alone in our world Is that a lie?

No way, I’m serious, okay?

My crumbling mind fills with “no”…

Oh my, dirty! Listen closely! Listen to my heart;

To my ego, to these lies, and to my truths…

Go and say it’s lonely, it won’t change me;

I’m always a surpriser, making jaws drop… Oh my, dirty!

How I hate it! Come on, listen to me!

You look surprised, but I can’t be saved, alright?

Just say “Ain’t no problem”? Ah, you never change

“Whoops, I screwed up…” As always, I’m drowning in my uncanny self…

“Ahh, maybe I went on a little too long…”

“But hey, like I said, it’s just a tall tale.”

“Well, that’s where I’ll stop for today…”

“Next time you hear the signal…”

“I’ll tell you an even stranger tale!”

This song has an amazingly intriguing story behind it, which its producer stated “ The story of deceiving one’s eyes. ” —Jin’s Song Introduction (producer/composer) This song is the only and I mean ONLY Vocaloid song that has been paired together with an anime, an amazing anime that I’ll be doing a review about soon. Let me just give you a heads up that every PV/OV song for this anime is absolutely fantastic and I cannot wait to do a review on the anime soon!!!!!!!!! >^< you can fine my Anime Reviews and Reccomendations by pressing that little three bars button on the top right corner of your screen~! Oh pfff I almost forgot, the anime is called Mekakucity Actors or otherwise known as Heat Haze Days or Kagerou Daze(Manga)


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