Trying to Improve

I posted sketches today and I’m going to post 2 more ^_^ one of which you’ve seen already ;-; I need tips and tricks for improving my skills, can anyone provide Shading, coloring, and body/gender techniques which I can use~? I hope these sketches are good enough though. ~_~ furthermore I don’t know if I’ll be posting, it’s most likely I’ll post music again (fans of anime and my Vocaloid/Utaite posts should be looking forward to it) I’ll also be updating my reviews section with two Animes reviews if possible. Same thing with my gamers page. Anyway .~. please provide Constructive Critism for these sketches as they would really help me out >_<

I’ll Be That Friend


3 thoughts on “Trying to Improve

  1. These are really cute sketches 😀
    As you may know, everyone has their own “style” and techniques! So you’re doing perfectly fine on my opinion! Like how you said you’re having trouble with the knees and gender. For the knees, at some point when it gets “bendy” just add the knee cap muscle which is usually at the bend point , if there is no bend point, then it’s usually in the middle (you can do it however you want , it’s your style!) also for gender, just study/practice the male structure with some sketches first and try to outline it later on to see how it turns out. Hope this helped!


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