Failed JigglyPuff

I failed at creating Pokemon and flowers XD actually I think I could draw a pretty nice flower if I wasn’t on the iPad, so I’ll try that again when I have time because the flower THATS been suggested to me looks pretty damn detailed and I love detailed things I just hate the time it wastes when I can draw something equally as amazing 😛 (hope that makes sense) but if I have time (a drawing like that will take me like 3 hours) and I did try to draw it…….and I also miserably failed, but I ended up deleting the drawing without thinking so I can’t share my beautiful failure of flowers with you guys XD but I did take a picture of my failed jiggly puff~~! Lol so enjoy this amazing fail of mine~!


To compensate for this fail I drew jiggly puff in anime form 😛 (in my eyes)



17 thoughts on “Failed JigglyPuff

  1. Hey could you give me a hand? I don’t see my post “The girl who closed her blog over her stupidity” on any of its tags :c Can you see if you can? In the “relationships” tag maybe, maybe there’s something wrong D:


      1. Yeah! 😀 I already asked for support in support.wordpress x3 Oh, and since you’re my number 1 fan (well, I don’t know if you’re my fan, but if you were you’d be number 1 :D) If there’s any suggestion, you know, something you’d like me to talk about, just send it my way c:


      2. Well that’s great 😀 From all of my follows you’re like 95% of the uploads on my reader cx I haven’t found many good blogs really c:
        So, no request I take it n_n


      3. Thanks, and im not sure, I have been thinking about it though, (since you brought it up) I enjoy most of your posts, and enjoy having a healthy debate about them (is that good or bad 😬?) if I had to request something then maybe a post about your views on something like Abnormal people or other social things or other games you tend to enjoy and play rather than just smash and Pokemon


      4. Yeah, nothing wrong about debating! :3
        Mmm… abnormal people or other social things? I’ve already covered all I could come up with in my “Special Snowflake” series and similar, so if you know any that I’ve missed please tell me! n_n
        Games? Mm… I talked about Minecraft and Terraria once c: I really don’t have much to say about other games that hasn’t been said already, but if you know any game in particular you think would be interesting, please tell me! n_n


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