Nightcore and Stupidity

This is war

Hello everyone~! Not many people know this about me but the school I attended provides us our own personal ipad, and what I think is pretty dumb is that they let us download anything we want. We’ll get in trouble IF they find our games but when they do find them they do nothing but tell us to simply delete them, yeah nothing else. So we still have the ability to re-download them =_= I’m in computers class right now and I’ve finished the project already (so has my friends) so we started playing pixel gun 3D to pass the time (since we still have an hour 1/2 left) and frankly im disappointed in their skills ._. Not to be rude or anything but…..just take a look at the gallery =_=


*note I am banana πŸ˜›

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26 thoughts on “Nightcore and Stupidity

  1. OHH YOU PLAY PIXEL GUN!! I THINK I SAW ATHEIA ONE TIME!!!! well I hated you then because you killed me so many times lol. I always get creamed at that game XD


      1. lol yeah haha I got the hellraiser and the prototype and duel revolvers up 1 but I just don’t got them skills ya know


      2. All I need is my prototype and fast death, the other guns are just for back up or if I wanna jump onto high places πŸ˜› what’s your user?


      3. idk revolvers are cool but my game always gets so laggy and I always freeze and there always that fucking kid whos got the lazer minigun ugh…


      4. XD XD hey if I ever run into you I ll be screaming in the comments: ATHEIA!!! FRIEND!!! lol is that your real name by the way?


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