I can’t really post new songs and stuff when I’m in school .-. Mostly because I usually listen to new songs and find stuff before I do .~. So Eh…. How’s everyone’s day so far? I’ve been shanked again, I played with nubs, and this morning some little bandits ran around stealing backpacks or violins. Sometimes playing hand off with strangers to throw their victims off their trail. So now I’m just sitting here wondering what I should do. I can’t sketch right now (I’m working on that dragon by the way) and well I could play some video games but I’m not sure if I should do so. So maybe I’ll just sit here and type down stuff that goes through my mind .-.? Nah, too boring how about we do a Q&A 🙂 ask me some questions and I’ll be happy to answer them they could be stupid or smart for all I care~! In the meantime here’s another song for your enjoyment (it’s nightcore again, and a popular song)



i have no idea when I’ll be able to respond since I’m about to be released for lunch in a few minutes


16 thoughts on “Eh…

      1. Eh….this is going to be really bad advice but aren’t everyone’s friends like that? I mean pfff I get teased and tortured everyday but that doesn’t really define friendship for me, I mean it like this. Friends can be hurtful, stupid, and asses but they can also be your savior, your home, your trust, and the only one you can talk to

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      2. Some more bad advice, they call you a d**k sucker? Heck to that I’ve been treated worse than that, even by the hands of my own family. Look I’m sorry if im being rude right now but d**k sucker? You’re upset because you get repeatedly called you stupid nicknames? Not to make you feel worse but bruh there are worse stuff happening than you being called names. There are people dying out there, know what I think? It’s your choice if you want them to be your friends but over something as trivial as that? I have no words for how many people you because there are so many other people roughing this shiz out so instead of whining like a baby why don’t you just face it because sorry to break it to you but life and be a mofo biatch


      3. No, you are not. But its so hard to walk around there without people saying I suck whatever they put me. To make a school work whith that teacher whitout them taking stupid photos. To talk with old friends whitout asking how many time I have been in the strips. Its so hard.


      4. 😐 look Youre not the only one going through this man, all I can say is that you have to get past it and in the future make the world a better place for yourself


  1. Well it depends… If they are just playing around that’s fine I guess. But if they are doing mean things to make you feel bad, that a problem. Tell someone (if you haven’t already). If they are just messing around tell them that they are being mean. If they don’t care, their not your friends.

    And for the questions…

    What is your favorite color? Animal?
    If you could change your name what would it be to?
    If you could live in harry potters world would you?


    1. I would be a vigilante in Harry potter lol my favorite color is black (it goes with everything I wear black pants everyday ;P ) And I would either change my name to Aletheia(philosophy of being honest or truthful) or Alphard (the solitary soldier/loneliness) or Ua (a sawhili word meaning Death)

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