Hi guys~ I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting, school has been piling up on me and I’ve needed to focus on my studies. >_< I’m almost through with all my exams and Final Grades~!!!!!! Wish me luck~! In the meantime here’s a cute little song I found (I don’t have any romaji translations I’m sorry ;-; I recommend either listening to the song then reading the lyrics or reading the English lyrics before listening to the song)

PS this is also an introduction to UTAITE Nameless (her name is literally nameless)

Milk Crown on Sonnetica 

orig. Hatsune Miku

Utaite: Nameless

Because I was laughed at

So I tried laughing too
But you got angry
Why is it so?
When things don’t go
As well as I thought
“I’m sorry”
Why must I say it?
I can’t let mom see
This messy head of mine
“Please forgive me” I said
“The person who steps will also feel a comparable pain in their heart”
You said, was that also a lie?
I can’t do it, I don’t have such talent
I can’t do it, I no longer have such talent
I can’t do it
And it’s not like I can buy that talent from some random shop
Are the gods in the sky also going to dirty their hands with such trash?
Only I knew about that moment
so I felt a small sense of accomplishment
Hey, it feels as if I can replace even the dignified princess


Because it’s meaningless to pin a crime on this
Tiny tiny
World that is filled with lies
Even if you let it all out, even if you resent or blame something
Will you actually gain or lose?
The frequently used terms from text books which are able to explain love so well
Please stop using it, it was a mistake

“Why are you using such a miserable attitude
To beg for forgiveness?”

I’m so shocked at how nonsensical all this is that I just stoked there and cried
The self-consciousness that I’ve raised from a little pouting
Was shaken when I relied on it
Even though I was looking at the beautiful sky
The crows spoiled it wonderfully.
What a waste

You were very good at pretending to sleep at the shrine but you overdid it and turned into stone, and stopped breathing
The lingering feelings of your fingers on my back
I’m sorry but, I want to disappear!

“Why don’t you teach me the method to laugh properly instead?”

This dirty and uncouth wish I kept it and hid it away,


These worthless and mundane pure feelings
No matter what I hold on to,
Whether it’s clean or unclean
My selfishness will still brandish it
Please cleanse the me who is Unpure, sister!!
“Please just overlook this equality for once!”
I said as I kicked the pebble

Aaaah aaah aaah

I took out the toy I loved
It couldn’t be painted by anymore colors
I was enduring pains of(like) a fractured knee
But still, no one came to help

It’s not much at all but, it seems that I wasn’t off at all?Isn’t that right?
Even if those guys who haven’t done it knew about repentance, would they pretend not to know about it?

[Chorus 3]

Because it’s meaningless to pin a crime on this
Tiny tiny world which is filled with lies
Even if you let it all out, even if you resent or blame something
Will you actually gain or lose anything?
Talking about the gibberish things from the scripture of love
That was supposedly epigrams written by the sage

“Your making too big of a fuss out of it.”

“It was simple enough” I muttered

The brilliant colored flowers are smiling Brightly today.


19 thoughts on “;-;

    1. I don’t even know why you asked 😛 although I get your point if it’s because of the personal life posts I’ve done. I write those posts for two reasons
      1. To convince people im not a robot and have a life aka be relatable

      2. Because I don’t have much time to explore media for music

      And yes to some people that can be interesting, usually because some people out there are bored with their own lives or because they just want to know that there are people out there who are going through things they are too, or going through rougher times, see when that happens people try to help each other out. Plus you can learn valuable morals from others experiences


      1. Idk why don’t you ask the people who do that, here’s the thing, you’re speaking about them as if they’re dumb. so “Why do people read about others lives?” Well why not? Its kinda like asking why you breathe, you just do it and not think about it. You can’t really blame people who enjoy stuff like this, it’s just plain human curiosity and nature


      2. It’s not human nature and doesn’t have anything to do with people not thinking about it. People have read, commented, and liked your posts for a reason. And you have many followers, which means people want to know about your life a the time.


      3. Yeah I know, just thought it might’ve gotten me off the hook 😂😂 but I used those things as a reference because it’s kind of hard to explain why people do what they do. It may not be human nature but it’s certainly natural to those who do it. So I can’t speak for them can I?


      4. Everyone does everything for a reason. They don’t think about breathing, but it’s because they need to or they’ll die. So you can’t say it’s hard for people to do what they do. They do it for pleasure.


      5. I said it’s hard for me to explain why they do what they do…… ~_~ I never said that it’s hard for them, not everyone shares the same thoughts ~_~ and I’m not one to speak for the general population I like to focus on individuals so if you enjoy the posts great! If you don’t then just tell me something else you’d like to read about and I’ll do my best to deliver


      6. If you’ve seen my gamers page you should know that I can’t play such games .-. And I’ve Donne at least 3-4 game reviews based on iOS once my exams are over I can start blogging about things in great detail once again


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