Request: PlayTheField Review

Hello hello and I am now done with exams so I can get back to blogging ^_^ and the first post I want to do was a request made for me to review newly released iOS game Play The Field.

Now I’m nobody special so take my advice or not this is what I think about the game…

First a little music 😉

I burn

This is a game, that idiots should not play. Seriously ._. I’m an idiot and this game just makes me rage. That’s a good thing though~! This games gets you thinking, It took me at least 50 minutes just to get to level ten, it may be easier for some of you but hey, like I said I’m an idiot. This game can be confusing, in the beginning there aren’t any instructions except well…


So that’s what I did…….and I died. ( lol ) but afterwards I noticed that “?” In the top right and then I’m like…….. “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” XD So allow me to clear your confusion about the little white dot in the middle and what the game refers to as ‘Units’

And Who am I to give a detailed explanation? So here’s a pic of the instructions 😂


If you can guess correctly that white ‘unit’ in the middle is your enemy, the units you’re able to control are the ones in the top left corner, switch units by tapping on one of the boxes until you see it’s turned green, now honestly I believe this game needs more descriptive instructions because a 9 year old would not understand this. Now I have no idea who that target audience is for this game but I’m a bit disappointed yet satisfied with the qualities of this game, so allow me to list the pros and cons

(once again this is objective some of you may think otherwise an I respect that, if you have any problems with this review simply calmly tell me in the comments what you think about the game and if I agree I’ll change a bit of the review into your favor)


A little bit addictive


Great game if you want to waste your time (I mean that positively)

Makes you think strategically (if you enjoy that sort of thing)

Great Soundtrack



Vague Description of controls

Can be boring after 30 min- 2 hours

Some may not understand the concept

Some levels are hard to pass in the beginning (I understand that this is a strategic game although I believe some people who’ll play this game will immediately delete the application if they find it unsatisfying…….or rage 😂😂)

Pros and Cons, yup. Honestly this game is “Eh”

Is there room for Improvement? Definitely.

Does the game suck? Not by a long shot.

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this game, it neither disappoints but it doesn’t reach my expectations either. I love the retro style by the way. Anyways I think the game could be improved, I’m just not entirely sure how, but I seriously doubt this will get many downloads on the App Store 😐 This is a great game but only for people who enjoy challenges and puzzle solving. So feel free to download it and try it out yourself~! (You may have to update your device)

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being AN AMAZING GAME YOU MUST PLAY)

This is probably between a 5-6 …..maybe a 4…. But don’t get me wrong

I LOVE THE STRATEGIC ABILITY PUT INTO THIS GAME. I just don’t think it’d be enjoyable for a wide range of people out there .-. Sorry~

~Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments below, and if you have any requests for other game review or drawings or any other random idea feel free to let me know~

(Since this is an objective opinion I will not tolerate any overly harsh (this includes cursing and any disrespect shown to the blog or other viewers) discussion from anyone who passionately contradicts my thoughts, if you disagree tell me so calmly and don’t freak out like I just killed your mom =_= )


13 thoughts on “Request: PlayTheField Review

  1. Thanks for the honest review, though it was a bit harsh in places (:

    Good point about how the game is a little hard to understand at the beginning, I should probably add something like a tutorial to show how things work for new players. Though since you got to level 10 in only 50 minutes you seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. (:

    I’m not sure why you put “Some levels are hard to pass in the beginning” as a con. As you mentioned this is a game for people who like challenges and thinking strategically. If every level was easy the game would be pretty boring, I think.

    Don’t you agree?

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    1. True true, but I think people who aren’t as motivated to pass through the game will kind of rage quit 😂 but I’m not saying every level should be easy, if they were well you’re right, it would be boring but instead of the levels jumping from easy to hard i think there could be some improvement on the transition to the harder levels

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably between levels 7-10 the changes were abrupt and I didn’t check this out yet but does the button in the top right corner with the green dots inform the player what each units capability is? If not you should include that


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