Anime: Reviews and Recommendations

cWelcome to Vanimaniac’s page for anime~!!!!!!!!!!! It will be updated weekly 😉 this page is dedicated to the people who love and enjoy anime and anything related to it~! Down below will be an anime recommendation for this  week~!!


Update: 4/19/15

RWBY is not a regular 2D animation but a 3D one, this is not the first time 3D animation which I believe is used from the software to create MMD’s is used, an example is Love Live. Anyways RWBY fails to meet my expectations for animation and character development. The only thing that RWBY does not fail to disappoint me with is its amazing soundtrack and more than half decent plot line. (Which I believe will only stay that way for a while it’s vagueness seems to be building up to an enormous deeper story that will blow your mind) Each episode can last around 1-2 hours but don’t worry, I think Season 1 only consists of 1-3 episodes so it shouldn’t be an annoyance to watch. Anyways further down will be some amazing songs from RWBY’s sound track and the Synopsis for Season 1

This Will Be The Day

Synopsis: Ruby aims to join her sister in a prestigious school for fighting monsters that have inhabited her world and destroyed it. In the process she meets many new friends and discovers many new mysteries (sorry if this is vague but this is practically all the storyline provides for us)



Hi~! I was done with all my errands and chores for the day so I thought what the heck. I’ll do another review. Recently I’ve watched a tear jerking anime that’ll just touch you so much it may leave you crying almost every time. This anime is amazingly beautiful in every way. The animation and character design are simple but the scenery is elegant. As you read the synopsis below, I’d once again like to share a musical piece from the OST of Hotarubi no Mori e (Into the Forest of the Fireflies)

Kanakana Shigure

Synopsis: Every summer Hotaru visits her grandparents in the country. As a little girl she would climb up to the holy mountain(idk) every day. Until one day she found herself lost in the forest. She was bawling her eyes out, what little kid wouldn’t? Until a stranger wearing a fox-like mask came upon her………………



Your Lie In April

This is an amazing anime to watch, and since it takes place between winter and spring I thought it may be a good idea to watch this anime during spring 🙂 Your lie in April touches people’s hearts, and can also give you some butt hurt T_T but that’s a good thing cause it means it’s a good anime!!!! I believe this anime is meant for people who can really understand what it feels like to have loss in your life, people who can appreciate the beauty of the things around them, just plain out normal people in this world. ^^

Once again there’ll be a link below of a song from the OST of this anime, feel free to listen to it as you read the synopsis just below it.

Your Lie in April OST- My Truth

Synopsis: Kosei Arima is a musical genius! A boy who won the Nationals in Japan for a piano tournament (have no idea how to word that sorry) further more he was the youngest to win, just at age 4! Though……..many people disgraced Arima, saying he was nothing but his mothers puppet to play the piano….and now he lives with that burden. Arima’s mother died the day he won the Nationals and ever since he couldn’t bring himself up to play the piano any more….until one day…he meets Kaori, a vigorous violin player, their styles in music contrast so much, how will their meeting end up!? ^.^ Heheh why you no watch and see~?


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