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Intro to gamers page for everyone~!

imageDeemoNow I’m not as hardcore or bad ass to play games like C.O.D or BlackOps due to certain =_= Budget issues, but my wallet does have enough space for me to be an iOS gamer (which sucks hard ;-;) but I thought I’d do a review on 2 games made and produce by the same corporation which is Rayark. Rayark makes musical gaming masterpieces, which can really touch the audience. Both games are rhythm/music games and are suited for anyone who loves music and is willing to lend their ear to new genres.

The storyline for each game makes them incredibly unique. So below is my synopsis for each game and the link for opening title of Cytus and the link to a beautiful piece in deemo which you could listen to as you read.

Cytus- Loom OP

Deemo- Dream


Cytus is about Vanessa the leading protagonist who is involved in a project which case I believe is called ‘Cytus’, which is a project that aims to transfer human emotions into robots. This project may sound absurd but is greatly welcomed when an infectious disease spreads throughout the world killing millions, when there is no avaliable cure in sight. Playing the songs in Cytus is supposed to (I believe) “awaken” the feelings inside the robots in which Vanessa’s “consciousness” has been transferred to, if anyone knows a more accurate synopsis of Cytus please make sure to inform me in the comments because I myself have no idea in which some events take place XD


An entity living in a seemingly “non-existent” world. Deemo is amazing at the piano and one day while he plays a girl…falls down…through the window in the far far above ceiling. She falls unconscious while a surprised deemo catches her and caresses her into his arms, the girl (not given a name) soon became friends with deemo and now he sets out trying to get his new freind back to where she belongs. Playing the songs in the game should unlock new songs and new little stories for you to watch.

^_^  I hope you liked this review and there’ll be more to come after this~!

Update: 3/31/15


imageNew review:Vain Glory

Hi~ I am back with a review on the MOBA  on iOS perfected to the touch

Comparison to league:

Vainglory is absolutely all it promises to be, in fact a new character is coming to the MOBA sometimes around this weekend. Vain, much much similar to L.O.L (League of Legends PC game) has just as much as league does except for the immense wide variety of characters that league has. If you include the new coming character you’d only have 11 heros instead of the hundreds (I believe) of  characters league has to offer you. The map for vain is also much smaller than league’s map.


Vain has a total of 10 heros as of this moment, Celeste is not in the featured pics above 😦 sorry. Anyway all characters have amazing capabilities. They are well rounded and each character can be distinguished with their own special traits and abilities.

For Beginners:

If you’re new to this MOBA  then I would highly recommend trying out all characters and figuring out which one suits you the most, after that you may want to consult someone who plays or knows something about that specific character. Each character has a distinct and various possible builds. “Builds” are what people familiar to the game use to reference the items they’ve bought from the store, now builds are very important. Builds are the border line of weak and strong in the game. If you buy items that correspond with your character then your character can become the most OP in the game. Now another thing I see with newbs playing this game that annoys me so much is that (no offense) they literally are dumb. I mean I get that they’re new and all but it’s pretty much common sense you should not walk into enemy territory alone =_= people who do this annoy me but als make me laugh at the same time XD XD XD but I don’t hold it against them to much since they’re new. Another thing that u see a bunch of newbs doing, and in we this all the time. DO NOT. DO NOT. RUSH THE TURRET IN LANE BY YOURSELF WITH NO MINIONS TO SUPPORT YOU. Now that’s may confuse you right now but once I explain I hope it’ll become more clear.

Lanes and Jungle: Sine I mentioned it earlier I’m going to start with what people call “laning” …(Lane-ing?) Basically the “Lane” is the gateway to winning the game, and the things protecting your lane are called turrets. Now there are specific characters who Lane. Ringo,Adagio,Skaarf,Saw,Celeste………I might’ve forgotten one but eh. Anyway the rest of the characters I haven’t listed are either support or jungle. Oh shoot I’m a scatter brain. I almost forgot. THE TURRET WILL KILL YOU IF YO HAVE NO SUPPORT T_T. Now on to jungle. Jungle characters are responsible for holding down the fort or so it goes. Now what in wan by that is that in the jungle there are are things called minion mines, minion mines give strength to your minions and if you can get 2/2 of those mines your likely hood to win has just sky rocketed. There’s only one problem, one out of two of those mines is on the enemy base, I recommen waiting until you have the upper hand on your enemy in lane, but be careful, some of your enemies may be trying to take your minion mine (on Your territory)  as you take theirs. Once you’ve taken both mines you can now push lane and win the game!!!~ Oye I hoped I helped ~_~ enjoy your day ^_^


Iruna Online MMORPG

image image

This game…this game is throughly entertaining…….for the first few months. Iruna Online really is a great 3D MMORPG game on the tablet where you can make new friends and all the controls are right in front of your face so you know what to do and how to play. Though to be perfectly honest, I believe that this game needs to be played with the Utmost dedication because if you’re a busy person who can’t play this game for at least half of your day most days you will get no where. Unless ofcourse you have allies in the game. The world is immensely I’m talking IMMENSLY HUGE. ONLY THE MOST SKILLED POWERFUL PLAYERS CAN MAKE IT TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. I travel for fun in the game by passing all the OP monsters that are decades of levels beyond my own 😂😂😂😂 I’ve by passed some being over the leve of 150 and survived 😂👌 but if you’re not careful of where you step. They will kill you so I advise to anyone who thinks they can do what I did .-. BRING LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF HEALTH POTIONS. I’ve been to the farthest city that most people can go, the rest out there is pure suicide. As in aid only the most skilled at the game can reach the end.

Skills and Classes

Your skills depend on your class. The branch of classes grow immense the more you level up, I am aiming to become an assassin :3 but you could be a samurai for all I know you may like samurais instead. Now each class has its own Uhm path. Let’s say you want to become an Assasin aswell, you’ll have to start out as a warrior and work your way up. Simple as that. Choose Wisely though because each class you choose decides your fate on the battle field. There are two classes of which you star off with Mage and Warrior. Good luck with getting where you wanna go X,3

Graphics and Qualitiy

The Graphics for this game is okay, ocasional glitches…..which are actually funny, not the “WTF IS HAPPENING TO MY SCREEN *UAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH*” kind of glitches but the funny ones where you see monsters trying to attack you when you’re on the other side of the wall so they can’t touch you and it looks like their doing a weird version of twerking 😂😂😂 but other glitches may be that you’re on a different floor or out of a wild area and the monsters you’ve attacked last =_= follow you into the next map and the only reason why you would run off the battle feild into a different map was because you were about to die……and then just when you think you’re safe BAM YOURE DEAD AT THE ENTRANCE. So heed my advice and instead of running onto one map -_- run off two. Not only because of that but also because battle zones are (most of the time) connected to one another, you may have t go through 3 maps or more filled with monsters until you see a safe zone. Other than that just play the game where you have great connection and you should be fine~!


gameplay is pretty much straightforward, I mean I would explain it but the tutorial does it all anyway so if you wanna play the game you’ll catch on pretty quick with out me instructing you what to do. The only thing I think I do have to instruct people about this game is the “talk” button. Which is pretty confusing……for some people. Hopefully once I’m done explaining it’ll be clear.

Okay so when you play the game (if you play) you’ll see this screen, which is practically your entire way of communicating through out the game. Now this is NOT MY avatar and some random picture I found online which I thought would be extremely useful.


See number 8? Pretty obvious Huh XD but the weird part is what happens after you click it.


This bar comes up, now most people ignore the bar and just start to straight out type. If you want people in the entire game to see what you’re saying you press shout first then type, if you want to talk to people in the same map as you’re in press say, want to talk to your guild members? Press guild, and so on. Most newbs I see will press the chat button immediately trying to talk to their party members and accidentally talking to the everybody on the same map as them .-. You still get the message out to your party (if they’re in the same map as you) but you leave everyone else in the dark thinking you’re a lunatic ~_~

Overall this game would be a 6 or 7 out of 10, it’s enjoyable, and the animations of other players (NPC animation sucks btw) are Great. If you’re into the kind of “anime” style or you just don’t care then youd definitely like the characters and equip that they offer. Also this game has in app purchasing, but only use that if you want to get the really really good stuff, if you don’t want to spend your money Youre gonna have to beg to average or high skilled players and ask them for equip, or just work Your arse off in the game. I hope you consider getting this game because it really is fun XD and if you do decide to get it and see a girl with black hair and a bonnet walk by with the user name Aletheia, yup that’s meee ^.^


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