Vanimaniacs ^_^ a.k.a Chat Room~

HELLO~!!! 😀 This page is where I’ll look at everyone’s requests and opinions ^.^

now of course every conversation needs a conversation starter (totally not awkward right not XD)

So just introduce yourself ^_^

Online name,real name doesn’t matter 🙂 Vanimaniac should be an open friendly blog where everyone’s views and opinions should be taken care of with the up most of respect!!!!! You can say anything you want~!

Here I’ll go first ^,^

My name is 7error1 and I love food. Like its amazing, I love music, movies, anime, manga, vocaloid, drawing, art anything!!!! You name it! I’m a weird, random person and occasionally shy ._. Like….shy shy… But over with me XD PFFFFFFF your turn~!!!!! Don’t be ashamed if you’re weird or something! I’m weird too pff what am I talking about if you’re not weird YOURE not normal everyone is unique in their own special way 🙂


119 thoughts on “Vanimaniacs ^_^ a.k.a Chat Room~

      1. I talked to the friend that never forgave me today. I think everything’s cool now. I helped her carry her exhibition to the room she was presenting at and I think we can be friends now…


  1. Hi again! Remember I told you yesterday I was learning how to draw Manga? Well, I learn in this webpage:, its in Spanish, but I hope you can understand it. Well, that´s all. Bye! 😉


      1. XD nah it’s fine I was just messing around don’t worry about it :3 Im glad you like my posts I’m just a bit paranoid that I’m making people cry with them


  2. Thanks for following the battle for the talkzone blog, but… it doesnt exist now, we changed it to Battle for the talkzone comix!


  3. Hello! I guess I’ll introduce myself also!

    I like anime also but I haven’t been watching any for a while and I haven’t finished FMAB yet. I also like a bunch of different music but now my addiction is Kpop.

    This is going to sound really random, but do you like scary things because I get freaked out when watching or reading something horror related. Lol


    1. Uhm, it was okay, I think I’ll write about that soon 🙂 in another post. I suppose crazy events like yesterday happened again, although in my case events like those are considered normal to me


      1. yeah lol someone was all like omg I just cursed I need Jesus (GEE_SUS) and then they called my name and I threw a nature ally bar at them 😛


      2. LOL NO! there too hung up on that anaconda shit! no offensive you like that song. wait hold on what do you mean by throwback Thursdays


      3. Idk my school has “throw back Thursday’s” and they did an event today, and God damm that song is both amazing and crap at the same time.


      4. Not much, just dress up to themes and they give you candy, and they play music out on the quad and have an event like, one day they did the ice bucket challenege


      5. man your school is awesome! over here we don’t do anythang! they have this thang called lunch bunch were you have lunch with teachers if you get picked out of a raffle. its so bad no one wants to go and the vice principle has to come looking for you


  4. Hey, so, remember Alicia? I dunno if she checked this, but, she asked me if I could ask you to some advices with Anime, I mean, like good anime to watch.


      1. Idk when I’ll have the list ready because I’m about to cook some food for me and my sister, any how just leave the list of what she’s watched already and I’ll only list Animes that she hasn’t watched


      2. Okay, she says:
        Dead note, Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, Naruto, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, One Peace, Sao, and Vampire Night (though Manga but…), thats all


    1. (No order, all genres and almost everything I watch)

      Aichii no koichii (Place to Place)

      Guardian of sinners

      Corpse Party

      Ghost Hunt


      Angel Beats



      Madoka Magica

      YukiYuna is a hero

      Kill la Kill


      Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

      Fairy tail

      Your lie in April


      One week friends


      Ouran Highschool host club




      Love Live

      Love Lab

      Fruits Basket

      Kamisama Dolls

      InuXBoku SS

      Infinite Stratos

      The World God Only Knows

      Code Geass

      Mawaru Penguin Drum

      No game No Life

      Say “I Love You”

      Tegami Bachi

      Wolf Girl and Black Prince

      Princess Tutu

      Kokoro Connect

      Akame ga kill

      Blue Spring Ride

      Hotarubi no Mori e

      Head; Chaos



      The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

      Heaven’s Memo Pad

      Girls und Panzer

      Absolute Duo

      Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

      Magi: The Kingdom of Magic



      Spirited Away

      Howl’s Moving Castle

      Porco Rosso

      Tales of Earthsea

      Princess Mononoke

      Nausicca of the valley of the wind

      Up on poppy hill

      Lucky Star

      Black Rock Shooter


      Also I didn’t find out how to make a blog roll so when I have a lot of free time I’ll just make a page with all the links (I follow A LOT of blogs)


      1. Ok, today finally Alicia checked your blog. She loved the list, and I think she is gonna talk to you today with her FB account ( if she finishes what was for HW 😝

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    1. …. Hey uh I’m sorry I haven’t been posting even though I sad I would and uh, I hope people read this comment but I’ll be taking a long long long leave of absence from the blog ._. I don’t know how long it’ll be but it will be long but for now all I can say is See you all soon


      1. that kinda sucks we havnt talked in so long. well im pretty sure well all miss you and ill still be following ok 😉


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